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POINT, Drag and Drop IT Department


The Drag and Drop I.T. Department

Managing technology for a successful business requires three separate but vital roles:

  • A driver - Someone has to make sure you stay on the road.  There's a lot of highway out there, and you need someone who will stay on track.
  • A fire fighter - It sure is great to have someone to stay calm when things aren't.  Customer service is both about building trust and solving problems.
  • A thinker - This is the person who lives to design better solutions.  Fixing code, building servers, and solid infrastructure are pastimes.  These ones dream in binary. 

It is next to impossible to find one person to perform all three roles.  Specifically at the budget you've got in mind.  Yet you need these three functions.  

You do not need to hire three people.  You need us.  

We are your entire I.T. infrastructure.  We are your C.I.O., your Help Desk, and your Engineering.  

Lets talk about it. 


Fine Print - Our Core Services

  • Network: Deployment and maintenance for internal/external communication to insure infrastructure is built correctly from the ground up.
  • Server: Custom server builds tailored to your business that include external storage setup. 
  • Email: Appropriate email solutions using Google, Exchange, or other vetted 3rd party providers. 
  • Backup: Provide a complete backup solution that places safeguards around your data and include multiple storage locations. 
  • Vendor Liaison: Represent your company with other vendors to facilitate printer troubleshooting, internet outages, and partner with them when needed to resolve third party issues.
  • Patch Management: Proactive Technology Management allows us to keep your workstations up and running by downloading and installing critical updates.
  • Onsite Service: We provide onsite service for complex support issues as well as the deployment of new technology. 
  • HelpDesk Support: We provide phone, email, and remote support to all clients for any emerging issues. 
  • Internet Protection: Install anti-virus software and actively monitor the status of your workstations to protect against viruses, spyware, malware, and spam attacks.
  • Power management: Identify and automate optimal power settings to help reduce costs.