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social media intern

social media and internet marketing internship

Here’s the deal: We need you, the social media expert, the constantly connected, the one who knows who posted what to which site, and who did it first. We need an internet professional, a super savvy individual looking to help build a brand, someone who wants a challenge, someone who laughs in the face of danger, and above all, wants to say they were behind the biggest change in the perception of technology services.

              What you’ll do:

  • Collect, collate, and find relevant/interesting content to engage our customers

  • Aggregate and/or create ideas/posts/videos to post on various platforms

  • Communicate exciting social media changes/trends

  • Present ideas to be posted on various content websites

  • Monitor and suggest engagement strategies for various social media platforms

  • Surf the interwebs and find the best way to approach/enhance our customer base

  • Present a viable method to track our platforms through analytic methods

    Why you’re perfect:

  • You “get” social media

  • You know how to create interest via social platforms

  • You want to make IT super accessible/attractive

  • No, really, you want to make a typically closed off field infinitely more open

  • You want to get a stellar recommendation for future employers

    What you’ll get:

  • College credit

  • An awesome resume reference

  • Connections in the fashion/design/pr world

  • Opportunities for employment

  • A place to play ping pong

    To apply: Please send resume, a cover letter that includes your all time favorite websites, the reasoning behind why they are, and your best knock knock joke to: jobs@ pointconsultants (dot) com.