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POINT, Drag and Drop IT Department

I used POINT for IT support from 2008 until our startup was acquired over a year later, and they really helped our company focus on building the product, while they focused on the infrastructure. What impressed me was the ownership and dedication the team showed during the setup and maintenance of our network and machines — they were really part of the team.
— sincerely, stoked
The POINT techs are very personable, knowledgeable, responsive, and good communicators - overall a great team to have supporting our small office network. We’re lucky to have found them. Thanks guys!
— sincerely, pumped
POINT came in and within a few weeks gave us an audit report that was extremely thorough and digestible. They came at a critical time when we needed to do a weekend email migration. They assisted with strengthening our network infrastructure and gave us recommendations for the future. Gene was highly articulate and broke things down in terms that everyone could understand. We will definitely be using them in the future on larger projects and I highly recommend them to any businesses that have been frustrated by other IT consultants in the past.
— sincerely, relieved
I recommend them highly to small businesses who are looking for a personal touch and have a unique work flow. They adapt quickly and always on top of technical updates and security. They created a robust network in my small business and I have been very pleased with how smoothly everything runs. They are also ideal candidates if you work in a creative environment because of their ability to come up with solutions for new workflow problems that may only have existed since yesterday.
— sincerely, impressed
I’ve known the folks at POINT for the past 4-5 years and they’ve always been extremely skilled, professional, knowledgeable, and have constantly gone above and beyond to make sure they were exceeding expectations.
— sincerely, loyal
POINT is a highly professional consulting firm that never ceases to fulfill every I.T. need for our small business. They’re always there when we need them and eager to share their wisdom. I’m learning new, fun things about my iMac every day! They always give us excellent referrals, help us order computer supplies and software, etc.; they’re on top of it all and always seem happy to help, very friendly and knowledgeable staff.
— sincerely, pleased
They are really great to work with, they are knowledgeable, calm under pressure, and get things up and going... helped us to switch 1/2 of our office from pc to mac. make recommendations, but then respect our decisions to do certain things or not do them... all in all i’d recommend hiring them!
— sincerely, excited
POINT helped my start up advisory business implement a network system including firewall, RAID back up, secure VPN access, off-site mirroring and back up, and the ability to scale to a much larger network using the same equipment and software. The package was painlessly integrated in a matter of days involving only a few site visits by their professional and friendly staff. The consultants regularly contact us to see that our needs are always met.
— sincerely, secure
POINT was great in helping us get into the right apple solution for our small business and they were always quick to respond to all our requests, small or large. Good guys!
— sincerely, satisfied
I have worked with POINT for a few years and I was more than satisfied with their responsiveness, their expertise and commitment! Over the years I have had several issues covering a broad range of tasks associated with my business (asset management). I always felt being in good hands and results have proven being right! Can strongly recommend the team at POINT!
— sincerely, floored