The IT Complexity Gap

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Fast company growth causes I.T. (Technology) to run out of control and become increasingly complex. Learn how to solve this before it happens.


We specialize in working with fast growing companies who need help with their technology. A common phenomenon among all quickly growing companies is the I.T. Complexity curve. Learn more about how to avoid this common pitfall in our I.T. Complexity curve infographic.


What is the I.T. Complexity Gap?

As a business grows, it’s technology becomes more complex. This can lead to runaway technology, which left unchecked can have a negative impact on security, productivity and the bottom line. The key is recognizing the issue early and putting in place scalable systems that will prevent these problems from happening. In this blog post, we will explore the causes of runaway technology and how to prevent it from happening in your organization.

How Do You Prevent It?

The first step in preventing runaway technology is understanding it’s causes. As an organization grows, the number of users, data and applications increases exponentially. This creates more points of failure, security loopholes and operational bottlenecks. Additionally, new technologies are continuously being introduced which can complicate existing systems and processes.

The second step to preventing runaway technology is recognizing it early and putting in place a plan to prevent further issues. This includes having the right people on board to manage the technology, including IT personnel who are knowledgeable about current trends and can adapt quickly to changes. Additionally, companies should have robust security protocols in place that not only protect their data but also ensure their systems are running optimally.

Finally, companies need to implement scalable solutions that will help them manage technology as their organization grows. This includes solutions like cloud computing and automation that can be scaled up or down as needed. Additionally, organizations should consider investing in software tools like ERP systems and process mapping tools which can streamline operations and increase efficiency.

Take Action:

By understanding the causes of runaway technology and implementing a plan to prevent it, businesses can save money, increase productivity and protect their data. Investing in scalable solutions early on is essential to preventing costly problems down the line.

In summary, when a business grows its technology becomes more complex. This phenomenon leads to runaway technology which left unchecked can have a negative impact on security, productivity and financial loss. The key is recognizing the issue early and implementing scalable systems that will prevent these problems from occurring. With the right understanding and plan in place, businesses can avoid costly issues due to runaway technology.

Click here to learn more about I.T. Complexity and how to prevent it from running away.

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