drag and drop I.T.

Reducing complexity, cost, and downtime for growing companies.

POINT is technology done better.


Managing Identity, Endpoints
and Cloud Infrastructure

Scaling technology for fast growing companies who are looking for a better way to do I.T.

PEOPLE who love to laugh, drink coffee and truly enjoy what they do.

PLATFORM that changes the way you think about I.T.

PLATFORM that changes the way you think about I.T.

PROCESS that integrates with and empowers your team.



What’s the secret to producing results for growing businesses? People first. We are highly certified, caring, careful and always armed with coffee in hand ready for the challenge. We are invested in your success.



Technology can seem like a behemoth that slows your growth. Speed ahead with the Point Platform while ensuring complex needs are met, networks secured, and goals reached without adding overhead.



Bring order to the chaos. Crafting custom solutions built on knowledge and experience. Tackling complex problems with order and precision. Deeply integrated for your needs. Built for real people to use.


The POINT PROMISE is Simple:

Improve Performance & Reliability

Prevent & Protect You from Harm

Ensure Happy Employees & Clients

POINT is technology done better.

“Having an entire support team has been a big benefit. We know our requests will get answered that day..”

SFC Print Company

Sam / CFO

“The employees are impressive because they’re willing to go the extra mile without us having to ask for that extra mile.”



“It gives us peace of mind that we are in good hands and working with people we like and trust.”



*Why don’t you publicly list the company names of your clients? Read more here about security attack surfaces and how POINT protects you…

Built Differently

Why are some people so successful with technology while others struggle?

Chances are your technology is not that different from everyone else.

The answer is simple:

The people behind the technology.
The solution crafted.
The care that goes into the support.

At POINT you will find a team that’s different from anything you have experienced. Built on knowledge, experience, hospitality and teamwork. Learn more about these passionate people and how they work for you.


The People

Work with real people (who don’t suck). It’s that simple. We are smart, funny and passionate about what we do. We want to work with people who feel the same. We will always bring our best to the table. You will feel the love, we promise.

The Platform

Technology that works… correctly, the first time. We will bring the tools, systems and knowledge to make what once seemed complicated happen transparently behind the scenes. Enjoy the easy way to handle complex challenges.

The Process

We know you want the best and don’t need more to manage. Ready-to-go from day one, we plug-in to your workflow and augment your abilities without disruption. Providing structure, order, and efficiencies to keep your life simple.

WHAT IS Drag and Drop I.t.?

Simply put “It’s a complete technology solution for growing businesses.” Fast growth and increasing IT requirements create a complexity gap that causes productivity to slow and risk to increase. As your growing company works to focus in many areas to achieve the next stage of growth; technology becomes a burden, hindrance or risk to the business.

With decades of experience working with clients struggling to battle the complexity gap, POINT has developed a system to remove those barriers. Providing an all encompassing “Drag and Drop” solution that tackles complex challenges in security, infrastructure, remote workforce and more. While keeping your team focused on the business, instead of running technology strategy and support. POINT’s Drag and Drop I.T. is the easy way to grow your business uninhibited by resources or complexity.


See The Difference

POINT is different from the ground up. From the smiling people who know you by first name to the precision execution when deploying technology with ease. Let’s get together for a cup of coffee and no pressure intro into the POINT difference.


Our Partners

Join Our Team

POINT is growing and constantly looking for passionate and caring people. If you are amazing and want to work where you’re appreciated from every aspect – ownership, management, clients, vendors and more. Then click below to learn more about POINT and how you can make a difference, have fun, and be rewarded for being you, an awesome person!


Shifting Left Security: A Primer For Startups

Shifting Left Security: A Primer For Startups

The ‘Shift Left’ mentality has emerged as a transformative approach to software development. As cybersecurity takes center stage in business priorities, startups are increasingly embracing this mentality for safeguarding against potential disasters in the future.

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Let’s Chat. Whether you are in the middle of a complex project, working to allign growth with technology strategies, or just curious about who POINT is. There is no wrong time to make a new friend. Send us a message and we will get back to you with a no pressure, no technical jargon, no assumptions. Kinda like, “hey, what’s up”. Life can be complicated, but business technology does not have to be. Reach out. POINT is technology done better.

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