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We do things differently at POINT. Experience that difference and find the joy in technology again. Working with people who “get” you is fun and rewarding. We “get” growing businesses with I.T. struggles, it’s all we do. Working with a professional team that understands your challenges and can anticipate your needs. This is the hospitality your feel when you work with POINT.  We don’t stop when the problem is solved and the solution is in place. We work with your team to enable and empower them to work smarter not harder. Wrap all this in ongoing management, support and strategy then you have winning solution without requiring any of your resources or time. Anyone can promise solutions, but our process delivers. POINT is technology done better.




At Point, we understand that all businesses have unique operations. This stage involves getting to know your goals regarding IT solutions. We help you take a holistic approach to understand how you use technology across your business.


  • People-First Process: We prioritize your people’s needs when developing your IT solutions.
  • Dedicated Project Team: Our team of IT experts is ready to implement your solutions at your convenience.
  • Industry-Born Expertise: We have seasoned IT professionals on our team ready to use their years of experience to assess your current technology usage.
  • Complete IT Skillset: Our experts have the necessary skills to deliver the IT solutions that work for your business. 

Step 2: Consult Our Experts About Your Needs

We help you learn about the best solutions that serve your overall needs. Our goal with the consultation stage is to eliminate any technological barriers against your success. So, we conduct highly collaborative solutions to point you to the right direction.


  • High-Touch, Face-to-Face: Work together closely with our experts in achieving your goals.
  • Collaborative Project Management: Team up with our professionals in planning and executing your IT solutions.
  • Process-Driven Solutions: Approach your goals through our tried and tested measures.

Step 3: Fulfilment & Training

Once you know what your business needs to succeed, get your solution deployed and team members trained. In this stage, we help you lead with confidence by helping your team master their individual workflow and utilize your new systems to the fullest.

  • Ongoing Commitment: Offer support to your team when they need it.
  • Focus on Client Empowerment and Self-Sufficiency: Boost your team’s confidence and independence.
  • Support for Growth and Optimization: Adjust your solutions to the ever-changing business landscape.




    Step 4: Stay Connected With Our Team

    As partners, we offer a direct line to technical consultants who truly understand your business. Instant access to our experts gives you quick support whenever you need it.


    • Local, Onsite: Consult with our experts without traveling too far.
    • White-Glove Approach: Get unique services that make sense for your business.
    • Long-Term Partnership: Rest assured that we will remain on your side for a long time.

      “Having an entire support team has been a big benefit. We know our requests will get answered that day..”

      SFC Print Company

      Sam / CFO

      “The employees are impressive because they’re willing to go the extra mile without us having to ask for that extra mile.”



      “It gives us peace of mind that we are in good hands and working with people we like and trust.”



      *Why don’t you publicly list the company names of your clients? Read more here about security attack surfaces and how POINT protects you…

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